Friday, 16 April 2010

I can't wait . . . .

. . . to get rid of this piece of sh*t:

And hopefully get this:

I'm fed up of being on 3 network, I have no signal, can hardly get on facebook/email. And i swear my phone echoes all the time.
Roll on July, so I can finally end my 3 years I have been with them!

So stocked to get this!

Still havn't played the Skate 2, but don't think i'll bother when Skate 3 is out next month!

Digital Fortress

So, I've owned this book for about . . . . . 5 years, and have never felt the desire to read it. I'm a big Dan Brown fan, I loved 'The Da Vinci Code', 'Decpetion Point' and 'Angles and Demons' but this book never gave off good vibes to me.
Until now!
I randomly started reading it about two weeks ago, and I seriously can't put it down!
The story follows the National Security Agency (NSA) in America, who have the worlds best mathematicians working as Crytologists working to decypher/snoop out suspicious phone calls and emails and basically protect America from future attacks.
95% of the world are unaware that the NSA exists, and is protecting them everyday. And what the NSA is keeping top secret is that they have a multi-billion dollar machine called TRANSLTR helping them decode almost every email sent.
Until someone claims to have created an unthinkable unbreakable code 'Digital Fortress', and is planning to auction it off to the highest bidder, and this will inevitably destroy the NSA's plans of protecting the USA.
But, the creater of this algorithm dies unexpectantly and the passcode to this algorithm is lost.
So the race is on for the NSA to find and destroy the code, before its too late!

This is an amazing book with lots of twists, action and useful information.
I will definatly be buying 'The Lost Symbol' next!

One of my new favourite groups: Rhyme Asylum

Ok, so my mates told me about these guys called Rhyme Asylum about a year ago, but I've only just got my hand on there album 'State of Lunacy'
And all i can say is that I wish I got it sooner.
Here's the wiki entry for the group:

'Rhyme Asylum is a hip hop group from London that formed in 2002. The group is composed of artists Possessed, Psiklone and Skirmish. Rhyme Asylum can also be associated with rapper Reain (aka Whashisface), who features on several of their songs and also paired with Possessed in the JumpOff Freestyle World Rap Championships in 2006. The group have been praised for delivering ground breaking, raw lyricis.'

UK hip-ho/Grime needs a crew like this! They have outstanding lyrical ability, very dark and distrubing content, and can paint a picture in your mind with every song.

I love every song on their first album State of Lunacy, my favourite probably being Poisen Penmanship.
They also have a big collabo on there with Diabolic, and on their up and coming album Solitary Confinement they have a track with Crooked,I!

"All powerful being during hours of sleeping, I levitate between the ground and the ceiling, Advance lifeform found in my semen, Haven't started to rap yet this is just the sound of my breathing"

Lady Gaga - The Illuminati Puppet

I agree with all of this.
The music industry is controlled by a higher power with a NWO agenda.
And Lady Gaga is just one of the celebrities they are using as a puppet to brainwash the nation.
Thanks to Vigilant Citizen!

Lady Gaga - The Illuminati Puppet (Part 1)

Lady Gaga - The Illuminati Puppet (Part 2)


Havn't been out since January!
Looking forward to letting off some steam here tonight:

Jedi Mind Tricks - Communion: The Crop Circle Thesis

I can't believe that this song is 13 years old!
But IMO this is one of the most complex songs I have ever heard, truely outstanding.
Featured in the 1997 album 'The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness' and featuring El Eloh, Rasul, Breath of Judah and Ikon The Verbal Hologram (Vinnie Paz)
The only thing that bothers me is that I have tried to research some of the lyrics mentioned in this song, and can't seem to find anything on the internet, I was just worried that they might be making things of to sound smart, but I doubt it.


[Verse 1: El Eloh]
I am he who walks beyond the cycle of Tan
A guinea systematic survey
On the heavens long before the spells of Kimet
I had advanced cosmos journey apologist
Substantiate statements
I commands the aspects of creation
Astronomers cant even interpret my ancient civilisation
Of Andromeda
The Dragon of Dracos come touch the inner sun
I went forth, a life force out of the core of Epsu
Bring forth the possibilities of solar energy into infinity
Like a Nimbo; endless, trapped it, Kingu;
A myth too ignorant Like the Sumerians
Explorer of the solar system like Galileo
Bring the mist of Mahabharata
Celestial God symbolic to the disagreeable complex mathematics
Of the Hebrew bible
Receive and transmit the letters of the Rasqiniaans
Who have seen the 3rd suns
I am like Milton Milankovich
Who outline the theory of ground philosophies
Messiah of all biblical tablets
Watch how the process of creation
links with the measurements of Tan
Scientifical like a geologist
I bring the geological changes to the world
Like the prophecies of the Book of Revelations

[Verse 2]
The compartment allies
Now my device shatters the fusel anomas
And for my dialectical, destroyed innocuous sinconquent
Travel beyond 5 dimensions
A cipher cytoplasm or phantasm
An Orc's sight;
Antithetical to atoms
I leave you vacuous like an Organtoron, pulses
Facilitate my brain waves, determining what planet I'm on
CyberTron transmit my Mhakabaraso over the sea of influence
Never neglect My lobular units
Stereo-material movements
Painfully Cranials statisticals giving your Cerebral Cortex
Damaging Demigods
Crushing egos, into which a wench began by
Extracting a Trans-cordial
Connections of Macros-manic animals
Caves of sleek stature, once sabbatical
Once bring drama
I'm bright on harrowing lava
Within the Plexus from my anatomical
It gets darker
A sense of urgency
Enters the atmosphere with my excursion
In this Microcosm, a third version!
Specifically a generation
Of Mutated
Warriors from the Nether;
That's 'Neva Antiquated'
My flux is like somatic stimulation
As macro-electrolytes converge
Eternal recurrence
My mentals merge; its cyclical
But it revamps its own thesis, Reaching
The premium blend in the communion

[Verse 3: Rasul]
Follow me beyond the cloud
In the stratosphere, to the House of El Huul
It should lead you to a place opposite my heavenly throne
In the temple of ancient Kimet
Who discovered the wonders and the 24 elders
These beings, the Rasqiniaans
Come to enlighten you
With supreme Mathematics
Dramatically stood
12 disagreeable
12 agreeable
7 feet tall in diameter
These elders sit
On the flight in the craft Niburu
Passing through the universe density levels
Heading straight for the wrath of Andromeda
Elliptical physical galaxy
Containing beings in the line of Dracos
Stomping on negative snakes like Broncos
Create magnetic field around my aura
Incapacitating ships
Negative energy creates the spiritual slaughter
Where you dwell in the physical world is horror!
My mind returns to El Yeum
To inform the elders of the incident
In case of the need for assistance
To return to my epic form
From my physical;
And see my soul arise into a sham
Hitting the arcs of Cumulus clouds of Annun
I left my image of a crop circle in the form of a galactical star map
Perhaps to another plane of consciousness

[Verse 4: Ikon The Verbal Hologram]
Through a series of psychological tests
I have been declared a demon
Traveling through dimensions fatal weapons leave you bleeding
Dissecting gray matter, doesn't matter in my cathedral
But how could you stand my timberlands in your cerebral
Faces of space probes be scattered through my mental
Acoustics in my chamber just endanger instrumental
Fundamental rhythms are symbols of paternal power
Get devoured, by my infinite skills to disappear
Getting lost in the holocaust that rage between my ears
Complex like gravity
Tragically and mathematically
I defeat ya squadron black magically
Analyze the tangle
As you get mangled by my triangular rhythms...
Systematic rotations of my words cause cataclysms

[Verse 5: Breath of Judah]
In the farthest universal
At your communion Neffum council
Beings come to some planets in your galaxy
That were most frequently visited
Because life existed there
In various forms and deities it was
Why they explore mars
Gives meanings
Ahnk is Jah, foremost to the firm-land
Super friends of man
Fore-prophesise sight
Tight with a photon of light
Rubber band…
Others in Orion, skies or heaven
Star sections, constellation
Ploughing towards us
Lending aid to help our Taurus
Routine, orbit on the slate, clean
Took a thousand
One fall sure four
Equinox a birth time deemed;
The team of thirteen
Searching our rich natural resources
And minerals
To take back after retrieving
Our responsibilities are fulfilled!
Like the Onus of Annun!
And En Yil!
So build the unstoppable force of Evol-u-TION!